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Jill Moser

Eclat, 2013


Jill Moser working on a printing plate

Jill Moser signing the edition

Dubner Moderne is pleased to announce the publication of

Eclat, 2013

a new print by Jill Moser

Emerging from the brushwork, Eclat, is a burst of gestural and abstract language that Moser has explored throughout her career. In a performative display of activity, the aquatint plays structural elements against the improvisation and spontaneity that have defined her most recent work. Marking two years since the gallery's first exhibition with Jill Moser, Dubner Moderne is pleased to have published this new print.

Works by Jill Moser can be found in the collections of museums such as the Museum of Modern Art New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston as well as in numerous private collections.

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PLATE SIZE:  16 x 18 inches (40.5 x 45.75 cm)
PAPER SIZE:  22.75 x 24.75 inches (58 x 63 cm)
MEDIUM:  Aquatint with Spitbite, Photogravure and Pochoir
EDITION SIZE:  30 with 6 Artist’s Proofs
PUBLISHER:  Dubner Moderne, Lausanne, Switzerland
PRINTER:  Burnet Editions N.Y.C.